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Postpartum Care Provider serving the greater seattle area

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Bringing a baby into the world is life’s biggest physical, spiritual, and relational transition. Everyone deserves high-quality personalized care for however they choose to cross the threshold into parenthood. With all the information (and unsolicited advice) about how to “successfully” care for a baby, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

That’s where I come in.

All journeys to and through parenthood are unique. Your care should be, too.

I empower families with informational, emotional, and logistical support, driven by my holistic understanding of birth, postpartum and over a decade of experience in childcare.

Holding space for, and deeply validating, the inner and inter-relational transitions of growing and welcoming a new child.

Affirming Support

Nourishing the postpartum person through assistance in physical recovery, baby feeding support, meal prep, and domestic work.

Holistic Care

Easing the informational and logistical load of bringing a new baby earthside and settling into the new routine as a family.

Tangible Relief

The benefits of hiring a doula.

- L.w.c.

"Lily is an absolutely exceptional caretaker. She is responsible, professional, deeply thoughtful, compassionate, wonderfully silly, and has a seemingly unlimited amount of patience. She brings an amazing blend of child-focused engagement and parent-focused partnership, and understands that both are crucial to help our kids grow and family operate. Her daily presence has brought our entire family stability and growth."

- M.N.F.

"Lily was born to this work. She’s a powerful healer, a natural nurturer, and the empathetic listener you want during the vulnerable postpartum period. She’s guided by a strong intuition for what families in transition need. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

- E.D.

"Lily is basically a miracle and was a lifesaver when I needed some extra “I’m so burnt out from this pandemic” help. Not only is she patient, kind, creative and always so engaged with my older kiddo as well as my infant. She always takes the initiative to lend a hand around the house. Lily is a joy to have around, and I am so grateful for her help!"

- J.S.G.

"Lily always brings great energy and enthusiasm, and has amazing natural nurturing qualities. She treated my family with so much empathy and kindness. Not only was she great with the kids, but she was incredibly reliable, responsive, and intuitively helped out with other household chores, which was a lifesaver. Our family really appreciates Lily and recommends her highly!"

- C.K.

"Lily taught us so much in the first few days and weeks with our son. The information she shared was super helpful, and the meals she made for us were delicious! I feel way more confident as a first time parent after working with her"

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Attend to the immediate needs of the birthing person and also the family transition.

Gather resources, assist in calling in your community, and set structures for holistic healing.

Hone in on the vision for the birth and sacred postpartum healing window.

Here's How I can help

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I am a star-gazing, sun-bathing, belly-laughing empath, and I look forward to connecting on how I can support you and your growing family!

Hi, I'm Lily!

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